Sweetheart of the Barricades is a female-fronted quintet in the vein of blues, rock, and “yinsurgent country.”

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, the band’s original song writing celebrates the region’s rich labor history, working-class culture, outlaw folklore, and traditions of resistance—delivering soulful and poetic storytelling-songs, commemorating such peak moments as the Battle of Homestead, the Johnstown Flood, the Whiskey Rebellion, and the 1877 Railroad Strike, as well as brave and unrelenting individuals and groups including the Molly Maguires, Kate Soffel, and the Biddle Brothers. Their sound, reminiscent of older musical styles with a contemporary edge, marries together a diversity of musical influences. Think Patti Smith meets Patsy Cline. Think Tom Waits meets Otis Redding for songs of love, rage, and of course, ranch dressing.

To date, Sweetheart of the Barricades plays frequently throughout Pittsburgh’s venues including Club Cafe, Mr. Small’s Funhouse, Hambone’s, Nied’s Hotel, the Park House, the James Street Gastropub, The Big Idea, The Mr. Roboto Project, Percolate Art Space, Point Breezeway, The Bulgarian-Macedonian Cultural Center, The Pump House, Glitterbox, Biddle’s Escape, and The Carnegie Library. They’ve been part of AcoustiCafe, Art All Night, the Deutschtown Music Festival, and many community-based fundraisers in the area.